The Biography and Autobiography of Sherlock Holmes by Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock Holmes

7003364.jpgThe Biography and Autobiography of Sherlock Holmes

By Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock Holmes.

Published by Campbell & Lewis
Publishers Since 1855

Available from Amazon and all Bookstores. Released 12 September 2013 $17.00

A one volume, two book edition of My Brother, Sherlock, the biography of Sherlock Holmes written by his brother, Mycroft Holmes, and Montague Notations, the autobiography by Sherlock Holmes written by the Master himself, edited by Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons.”

Discovered in England in 2008 and  2012 by a rare book scout and subsequently purchased by an American antiquarian book dealer, these two manuscripts are among the most astounding literary finds of all time.  Now, edited and published for the first time in print together, here are the incredible revelations of the timeless questions surrounding the life of Sherlock Holmes and his brother, Mycroft, in their own words. Revealed also are the essential missing insights into the life of Dr John H. Watson. Within these pages are the answers to so many questions of the past one hundred years and more.

This new book, released 12 September 2013, is the First Edition, First State of My Brother, Mycroft and the Second (re-edited) Edition, First State of Montague Notations, previously published in a single volume as The Autobiography of Sherlock Holmes.  The publisher believes having these two seminal works by the Master and his brother together in one volume will prove them essential over the years as reference works for all Sherlockians, Holmesians and Watsonians interested in research, scholarship and The Historical Game.