TH6: Every Link Rings True warm up game results

Hello Watsonians–

As Friday the 13th is upon us, the time for submitting responses to the TH6: Every Link Rings True warm-up game has passed.  Correct answers for this quiz — brilliantly re-named by Paul Hartnett as ‘The Singular Warm Up of the Three Canonical Percys’– were submitted by two individuals, and one team practicing for the real thing.

Congratulations to:

Paul Hartnett/ JHWS ‘Scout’

Michele Lopez/ JHWS ‘Reggie’

Sound of the Baskervilles 2018 Treasure Hunt Team– Lauren Messenger, David Haugen, Sondra Even

The answers are found below.

Many thanks for your time and attention,

Margie/ JHWS ‘Mopsy’

1–Find the exciting professional expert who generated considerable interest in his work. Who?

Answer: Percy Trevelyan

After I had graduated I continued to devote myself to research, occupying a minor position in King’s College Hospital, and I was fortunate enough to excite considerable interest by my research into the pathology of catalepsy, and finally to win the Bruce Pinkerton prize and medal by the monograph on nervous lesions to which your friend has just alluded… ‘You are the same Percy Trevelyan who has had so distinguished a career and won a great prize lately?’ said he.  (RESI)

2–With Holmes’s questioning description of [ the answer to number one] in mind, find the ahead-of-Watson smart boy who went to college. Who?

Answer: Percy Phelps

During my school-days I had been intimately associated with a lad named Percy Phelps, who was of much the same age as myself, though he was two classes ahead of me. He was a very brilliant boy, and carried away every prize which the school had to offer, finishing his exploits by winning a scholarship, which sent him on to continue his triumphant career at Cambridge.  He was, I remember, extremely well connected and even when we were all little boys together, we knew that his mother’s brother was Lord Holdhurst, the great Conservative politician.  This gaudy relationship did him little good at school; on the contrary, it seemed rather a piquant thing to us to chevy him about the playground and hit him over the shins with a wicket.  (NAVA)

3–Consider [the answers to numbers one and two], and then find the friend who fails to make eye contact, and, therefore, fails his fiancee. Who?

Answer: Percy Armitage

The very horror of my situation lies in the fact that my fears are so vague, and my suspicions depend so entirely upon small points, which might seem trivial to another, that even he to whom of all others I have a right to look for help and advice looks upon all that I tell him about it as the fancies of a nervous woman.  He does not say so, but I can read it from his soothing answers and averted eyes… A month ago, however, a dear friend, whom I have known for many years, has done me the honour to ask my hand in marriage. His name is Armitage – Percy Armitage – the second son of Mr. Armitage, of Crane Water, near Reading.  My stepfather has offered no opposition to the match, and we are to be married in the course of the spring. (SPEC)

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  1. Argh! I had the right answers, but then I overthought it and convinced myself I was wrong.

    And this is why I work with a team on the real thing. 😀

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