Tales From the Deed Box by Hugh Ashton, JHWS “Clancy”

2817638.jpgTales From the Deed Box

by Hugh Ashton, JHWS “Clancy”

Published by Inknbeans Press

Available at Amazon $9.00

Three previously unknown accounts in the case files of Sherlock Holmes, discovered and transcribed by Hugh Ashton: The Odessa Business, the Case of the Missing Matchbox and The Case of the Cormorant.

The Odessa Business. Holmes’ wits are put to the test in a battle for diplomatic secrets; a previously unknown member of the Holmes family is introduced.

The Case of the Missing Matchbox describes a bizarre crime of passion, and chronicles “Isadora Persano, the well-known journalist and duellist, who was found stark staring mad with a match box in front of him which contained a remarkable worm said to be unknown to science” (Thor Bridge).

The Case of the Cormorant, where the the whole story concerning the politician, the lighthouse, and the trained cormorant will be given to the public for the first time, as threatened by Dr Watson in The Veiled Lodger 

Three other titles in the “Deed Box” series by Hugh Ashton are also available on Amazon. These adventures of Sherlock Holmes are approved by The Conan Doyle Estate Ltd.