Spring 2017 Watsonian

The latest issue of the Watsonian is making its way to members’ mailboxes around the world. Digital subscribers should have received a “completed order” email including a link to download the new issue. (If you have the Paperless Membership or the Print + PDF Membership and you did not receive an email, please contact Selena Buttons.)

This issue’s contributors reflect our commitment to blending the wisdom and background of great Sherlockians and the enthusiasm of those newly drawn to The Game. Some have been writing for the Watsonian since its inception, while others are appearing for the first time.

An eclectic mix of features and topics fill this issue.  Sandy Kozinn (“Roxie”) examines campfire cookery in “Roxie’s Canonical Ramblings”, Alexian Gregory (“Darwin”) explores the alleged connections between Cornish and Chaldean in “Pondicherry Ponderings”, and Lyn Adams makes an expedition to Baker Street West. The issue includes artwork from Neha Dinesh, John Foster (“Barney”), and Fran Wing (“Phoebe”). The “Billiards With…” interview series returns with a look at the Sub-librarians Scion.  Margie Deck (“Mopsy”), AKA The Pawky Puzzler, presents a cryptic challenge to solve. Essays both scholarly and personal, poetry, and pastiche can all be found with this issue’s pages.

We hope you will find something interesting, educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking in this issue. Digital (PDF) copies and details about the contents are available in the Shop: Watsonian vol. 5 no. 1.

6 Replies to “Spring 2017 Watsonian”

  1. I did receive the cited email, but I signed up for a hardcopy. Will I still be receiving one? Thank you.

    1. My apologies, Selena Buttons, as I was pleasantly surprised with the receipt of the latest issue of the Watsonion in today’s mail. I should never have doubted.

  2. I have just begun reading this wonderful issue and was immediately drawn to a couple of the articles. As a librarian the first was the interview about the Sub-Librarians Scion. I hope to be able to attend a meeting someday! Secondly was the discussion of Elementary vs. Sherlock. At the risk of rehashing, the quote that Sherlock is the second coming of the Canon really jumped out at me. That assertion is its own conversation, but rabid Sherlock fans are certainly the second coming of rabid Granada fans. As someone who has yet to meet a Sherlock Holmes I didn’t like I would love to have discussions about Elementary, the RDJ movies, and other manifestations of Holmes, like non-traditional pastiches, but such discussions have long been quashed by Granada-only fans, who have a proud tradition of behaving in much the same way they now decry in Sherlock fans. Neither Granada or Sherlock needs white knights to defend it at every turn, and most particularly not when us humble Elementary fans are trying to have a pleasant conversation amongst ourselves that impenges upon the larger fandoms in no way whatsoever. Even with the infusions of recent years we Sherlockians are a rare and endangered breed and should be nurturing each other.

  3. Recieved it two days ago here in Europe, too. Very fast shipment! Now on my “to read” pile on the bedstand…

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