Six Days to the Treasure Hunt

Start NOW to assemble your references and resources for answering the 100 questions of the First Annual John H Watson Canonical Treasure Hunt.

Read the new page devoted to the Treasure Hunt. All of the Rules, Resources and Directions have been listed for your information.

If you don’t have some of the references or resources, it is perfectly okay to call on other Society members or other Sherlockians and Watsonians for assistance with research. Ours is a collegial Society and so are other Sherlockian clubs and organisations. If we work together, we strengthen the Society as a whole.

Note: The document on the Treasure Hunt page is only a test document. It will be replaced by the Treasure Hunt questions at noon (Pacific), August 1, 2013.

Please consider working with a student and mentoring them in Canonical Scholarship by assisting them with the Treasure Hunt. Any success with this historic quiz could create a future, life-long Watsonian and Sherlockian and a new generation of enthusiasm.

Good Luck!  Have Fun!

4 Replies to “Six Days to the Treasure Hunt”

  1. When I opened the test document, I found it was a newer version of word that my computer doesn’t support. When you post the questions, will you do so in a compatible document? (When you go to save, find the option that says “save as Word 97-2003 document”) Thanks!

    1. Will do! Thanks for that suggestion. I know several of our members are using the 97-2003 version. Appreciate it.

  2. Buttons – is the run of the SH Journal available on line or on disc? Thanks, Dash

    1. Dash

      Sorry, I did not see this earlier. It is available on disk from Tin Dispatch Box.

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