The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and the Public Domain

Cover of Beeton’s Christmas Annual, 1887

This year, 2017, marks 130 years since publication of A Study in Scarlet, 100 years since publication of His Last Bow, and 90 years since publication of The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.

“Chips” writes–

I am taking advantage of this open date to pass along an item I found while surfing the Internet.

I found this information to be interesting enough to pass it along to everyone who reads us, especially the last item listed.

In response to my question:

Interesting facts about this year. As I understand it the Casebook still has 10 years to go before it is out of copyright in The United States. Can someone confirm that for me?

Our friend the highly respected scholar and collector, Peter Blau, kindly sent me this information:

Copyright protection for each of the ten stories runs for 95 years from the year of first publication . . . the last of the ten stories will go into the public domain at the end of 2022.

What a relief that will be for us!

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