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I received this Movie Review from Darwin and he asked to share it with the Watsonians:
 I was lucky to get into a sneak preview of Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellan. Here are my thoughts on this movie.
I have been a Sherlockian since I was seven years old. I’ve read the stories innumerable times. I have seen all the major Sherlockian movies and TV programs many times over.  On the strength of these credentials I declare that Mr. Holmes, starring Ian McKellan, is hands down the greatest Sherlock Holmes movie ever made, bar none.
It shows a vulnerable Holmes struggling mightily against the approaching ravages of old age. It shows Holmes simultaneously in his weakness and strength. The movie draws you into its powerful grip from the opening scene of the railroad steaming its way across the edenic British countryside and grasps you relentlessly until the end.
 IanMcKellan is beyond marvelous as the ultimate avatar of Holmes. His words, his actions, the very tilt of his head, the subtle movements of his eyes speak volumes to the viewer. He is an actor’s actor and a cinematic jewel.
The supporting cast of Laura Linney, Milo Parker, and Hiroyuki Sanada all work together like the gears of the finest Swiss watch. Little Milo Parker is about the most adorable child actor I’ve ever encountered. I predict a brilliant movie career for him.
This movie is an instant classic and will tower and endure as long as folks love and admire Holmes.
 Bravo, Mr. Holmes! Bravo, indeed!
Al Gregory “Darwin”

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  1. Al/Darwin is absolutely right on in his review of Mr. Holmes. I too had an opportunity to see a preview of this wonderful film. It made me wish Mr. McKellen had portrayed Holmes earlier in his career.

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