Quiz Results: The Solitary Cyclist

RESULTS: In order of submission, 10/10 to:

  • Paul Hartnett, “Scout”
  • Ron Lies, “Chips”
  • Enrico Solito, “Devon”
  • Michael Ellis, “Lobo”
  • Margie Deck, “Gwen”, and Sheila Holtgrieve, “Daisy”
  • Elinor Gray, “Misty”
  • Alessandro Melillo
  • Stephanie Thomas, “Hyacinth”

Well done, everyone!

And, of course, the ANSWERS:

  1. Watson is very specific about the day and date that Miss Violet Smith visits 221B. He is also incorrect. When does he say she came, and why is it wrong?
    1. Saturday, April 23, 1895
    2. April 23, 1895, was a Tuesday
  2. Holmes says engaging in this sport is “always a treat”. What sport, and where did he engage in it?
    1. Boxing
    2. The “country pub” near Charlington
  3. This city was the target of a devastating attack 45 years later, but at the time of this story, it is home to a person most significant to Miss Violet Smith. What city, and whom does she say is there?
    1. Coventry
      Note: Ron Lies, “Chips”, and the team of Margie Deck, “Gwen”, and Sheila Holtgrieve, “Daisy”, sent in an alternate answer of “Westminster” – Cyril Morton lived there at the end of the story, and Westminster was also bombed in 1940.
    2. Her fiance, Cyril Morton
  4. This was an unconventional way to choose a groom, especially as neither candidate had yet met the bride. How was the decision made, and between what two parties?
    1. A game of cards
    2. Bob Carruthers and Jack Woodley
  5. It may have felt like 90 days, but it was really nowhere near that long. What, and how long was it?
    1. Mr Woodley’s visit to Chiltern Grange
    2. One week

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