Quiz Results: Like an Animal

RESULTS: In order of submission, 5/5 to:

  • Margie Deck, “Gwen”, and Sheila Holtgrieve, “Daisy”
  • Michael Ellis, “Lobo”

Well done, everyone!

And, of course, the ANSWERS:

  1. Who is it?
    • Baron Adelbert Gruner
  2. What are the animals?
    • A Cat: “A purring cat who thinks he sees prospective mice” and “He’s a precise, tidy cat of a man in many of his ways.”
    • A Cobra: “He is an excellent antagonist, cool as ice, silky voiced and soothing as one of your fashionable consultants, and poisonous as a cobra.”
    • An Insect: “The Baron has little waxed tips of hair under his nose, like the short antennae of an insect.”
  3. In which story does the person appear?
    • “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client”