Quiz: Like an Animal

This week’s Quiz is a single question, submitted by Enrico Solito, JHWS “Devon”

Animals are important in the Canon. In four different sentences, one person is described with similarities to three different animals. Who is it, what are the animals, and in which story does the person appear?

Submit your answers for a total of 5 possible points (1 person, 3 animals, 1 story) by email to Selena by Sunday, October 23.

If you’ve been bitten by the bug to create your own Canonical Quiz, don’t forget you can send your questions to Selena, too!

4 Replies to “Quiz: Like an Animal”

  1. Six Napoleons. Beppo is described as an ape, baboon, and a wolf.
    Alexian Gregory

  2. Hi SelenaB:

    I know you have been swamped with the Watson Washington event, and all the other things you do so marvelously for JHWS, but….how did we do on the quiz? 🙂

    Margie/ ‘Gwen’

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