‘I’m Glad You Like My Potato’ Membership Contest Update – The Final Stretch

Hello Watsonians,

Those of you who have been following along here know that Beth (‘Selena Buttons’) and I are competing in a membership contest for the month of February. With a few days remaining in the month, Beth has a commanding lead, 6-2, and I’m going down like a …um…sack of potatoes. [Sorry for the bad pun.] Unless something amazing happens, I will lose this contest.

In case you missed it, Beth is tasked with processing no fewer than eight renewed memberships during February, and I am tasked with obtaining interview information for the Friend & Biographer Series for no fewer than eight society members. The loser must give up eating potatoes for the month of March.

To give me a fighting chance, please consider completing a Friend & Biographer Series interview; answer these questions, and email them to me. If you prefer, I am happy to put the questions into an email to you so you can simply reply, or I can send the questions to you as a Word doc or a .pdf.

If your membership is expired, or will lapse during 2017, you can help Beth make it a rout by renewing now in the shop. If you are unsure about your expiration date, it can be easily found on the membership tab. If you have questions about renewing, please email “Selena Buttons”.

I am asking for a reprieve. Perhaps our society members are like the good Dr. Watson: “Watson you are a British jury, and I never met a man more eminently fitted to represent one.”

Hoping for the best,
Margie / JHWS ‘Mopsy’