Please Welcome “Sampson Buttons”

George Hutchinson illustration (1891) from A Study in Scarlet. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are being introduced by Stamford in a lab.
Illustration by George Hutchinson (1891)

It has been my immense honor to serve as your Boy-in-Buttons since March of 2016. Our Society has grown and changed over the last four-and-a-half years, and it is time for a new person to lead us into the future.

I am delighted to announce that Robert Perret (JHWS “Sampson”) is our “Sampson Buttons”, effective 1 October 2020. 

While I am passing on the mantle of “Buttons”, I remain JHWS “Selena”, and your faithful webmistress. While I work on improving the site, I look forward to seeing our Society as a whole move forward with new energy and ideas.

3 Replies to “Please Welcome “Sampson Buttons””

  1. Thank you for your leadership ‘Selena’— we appreciate you very much!

    And thank you ‘Sampson’ for taking on the job!


  2. Many thanks to Selena Buttons for her good and faithful service to the John H. Watson Society, and a hearty greeting to Sampson Buttons, and thanks to him for offering to serve the group. In true Victorian literary style, we have Great Expectations.


  3. Many thanks to our Selena Buttons for her great service as leader of our society. Four years at the helm of a fan society can seem like four decades’ work, as I know by experience. You did a terrific job and we’re all very thankful.
    Good luck and congratulations to our new Buttons, and thanks for your offer to be of service to the JHWS. I’m sure you’ll be another great leader.

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