Our February Meeting: The Crimes of John H. Watson

Remember the movie “Without A Clue,” where Watson was the secret genius of Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes was a foolish actor? So take that premise, but keep the Sherlock Holmes we know at full genius level. THEN make Watson a criminal mastermind of a level that Holmes did not even suspect — Eurus Holmes level. How many hidden crimes documented in plain sight in the Canon could he have been responsible for?

“The late Irene Adler?” “The late Elias Whitney?” Paul Thomas Miller has opened up a Pandora’s box, a can of poisonous worms, a horrific possibility that simply must be examined by the John H. Watson Society, whether we want to believe it or not, and your JHWS meeting host is running with it.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting to discuss the full ramifications of this dark path.
When? Feb 26, 2022 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada), 6:00 PM Portsmouth Time (UK and Bullpup Buck), and whatever works for the rest of the zones to match those.

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