Our dear “Chips”

I am sad to report that our dear Chips is not feeling his best at the moment.

I last spoke with Ron Lies JHWS “Chips” about a month ago to help him prepare his regular “Chip’s Tid Bits” posts for the site. I anticipated hearing from him again soon to prepare for November, but when I didn’t, I did my best to contact him and I was able to speak with his very lovely wife, Mary.

His health took a poor turn recently, but she is hopeful that he is on the path to recovery. I’m very saddened to hear this news, as Chips’ enthusiasm for the Canon is inspiring and it hurts to know he is not feeling well. I relayed a message through her to Chips that we all hope for his safe recovery, that our prayers are with him, and that we shall be here when he feels better.

Until that time, the “Tid Bits” section of our site will be on hiatus so that he may rest without additional worry. I pray that our dear Chips will recover well.

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  1. Here’s another set of wishes for Ron’s swift and complete recovery.

    Facebook has notified me that Ron has a birthday tomorrow. Those who are in contact with him might wish to remind him that there are many who wish him well.

  2. I hope Chips gets to read these well wishes at some point and I add my own: all good wishes that you are soon up and about, and very much feeling like yourself again soon.

  3. Chips has been a stalwart supporter of the JHWS and we all wish him a prompt and complete recovery.

  4. I am reposting this message sent out by Jim Hawkins on the WelcomeHolmes site:

    Sherlockian friends,
    A dear friend and Sherlockian colleague has suffered a stroke in Denver and need some cheer from you. He is a long time member of Dr Watsons Neglected Patients and WelcomeHolmes. I’m asking you to send an old fashioned greeting card, if you will. Anything cherry will do, but if it includes Holmes it would really be great. Please send to:
    Ron Lies
    Kindred Acute Care Hospital
    1920 High St
    Denver CO 80218

    Thank you!
    Jim Hawkins

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