On September 28th…

September 28, 1879: Brunton did not appear at breakfast. [MUSG]

For two days after this Brunton was most assiduous in his attention to his duties. I made no allusion to what had passed, and waited with some curiosity to see how he would cover his disgrace. On the third morning, however he did not appear, as was his custom, after breakfast to receive my instructions for the day.

September 28, 1889: Hosmer Angel proposed that he and Mary Sutherland should marry within the next week. [IDEN]

“Were you engaged to the gentleman at this time?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Holmes. We were engaged after the first walk that we took. Hosmer—Mr. Angel—was a cashier in an office in Leadenhall Street—and—”

“What office?”

“That’s the worst of it, Mr. Holmes, I don’t know.”

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  1. What great pictures.
    A Case of Identity

    Mary agreed to Hosmer’s demand,
    That she accept no one else’s hand.
    Though affectionate,
    She stayed celibate,
    Alone and forever unmanned.

    – Don Dillistone April, 2004
    I consider Hosmer Angel and his wife,No milk of motherhood wife the worst kind of scum.

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