On September 26th…

September 26, 1879: At 2:00 am, Reginald Musgrave found Brunton reading the family ritual. [MUSG]

This is one of my favorite cases. I love the family ritual. It appeals to me, “the man who is half a boy”.

September 26, 1900: An anonymous warning letter to Sir Henry Baskerville arrived at the Northumberland Hotel. [HOUN]

September 26, 1902: The Morning Post announced the de Merville-Gruner marriage would not take place. [ILLU]

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  1. Hi Chips: This is one of my favorites too. I thought the Granada film of this one was one of the best they made.

    Thanks again for the posts!


  2. Margie, Thank you for the certificate for the 4th annual Treasure hunt. It was enjoyable working with my team to solve the problems. AS you may or may not know, I was brought into the group by Don Buttons Libbey. I knew him too briefly and I consider participating in the Hunt a small way to honor him.Chips

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