On September 20th…

Illustration by Sidney Paget for The Strand Magazine (September, 1891)

September 20, 1889: James Windibank returned from his first trip to France. [IDEN]

“But how about Mr. Hosmer Angel? Did he make no attempt to see you?”

“Well, father was going off to France again in a week, and Hosmer wrote and said that it would be safer and better not to see each other until he had gone. We could write in the meantime, and he used to write every day. I took the letters in in the morning, so there was no need for father to know.”

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  1. I have to post this one from my limerick corner. I hope someone reads and enjoys the words.Don who compose the piece was so cleave and such a god friend. I so miss him.
    A Case of Identity

    Mary agreed to Hosmer’s demand,
    That she accept no one else’s hand.
    Though affectionate,
    She stayed celibate,
    Alone and forever unmanned.

    – Don Dillistone April, 2004

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