On October 8th…

October 8, 1855: The Gloria Scott sailed from Falmouth. [GLOR]

The prison hulk, Success, at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

These are the very papers, Watson, which he handed to me, and I will read them to you, as I read them in the old study that night to him. They are endorsed outside, as you see, ‘Some particulars of the voyage of the bark Gloria Scott, from her leaving Falmouth on the 8th October, 1855, to her destruction in N. Lat. 15 degrees 20′, W. Long. 25 degrees 14′ on Nov. 6th.’ […]

‘The Gloria Scott had been in the Chinese tea-trade, but she was an old-fashioned, heavy-bowed, broad-beamed craft, and the new clippers had cut her out. She was a five-hundred-ton boat; and besides her thirty-eight jail-birds, she carried twenty-six of a crew, eighteen soldiers, a captain, three mates, a doctor, a chaplain, and four warders. Nearly a hundred souls were in her, all told, when we set sail from Falmouth.’

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  1. From my Limerick Corner.
    Here is a limerick from the master Renaissance Man and Sherlockian Isaac Asimov.
    The Adventure of The Gloria Scott
    There’s embezzlement! Well,Transportation
    Is the penalty fixed by the nation.
    Comes a Mut’ny one morning,
    And years later, a warning.
    -That’s young Holmes’s First Elucidation.
    Enjoy! Chips

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