On October 5th…

October 5, 1901: Holmes used Watson’s revolver to solve the problem of Thor Bridge. [THOR]

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in “The Problem of Thor Bridge” (Granada Television, 1991)

‘Do you know, Watson,’ said he, ‘I believe your revolver is going to have a very intimate connection with the mystery which we are investigating.’

‘My dear Holmes, you are joking.’

‘No, Watson, I am very serious. There is a test before us. If the test comes off, all will be clear. And the test will depend upon the conduct of this little weapon. One cartridge out. Now we will replace the other five and put on the safety-catch. So! That increases the weight and makes it a better reproduction.’

I had no glimmer of what was in his mind nor did he enlighten me, but sat lost in thought until we pulled up in the little Hampshire station. We secured a ramshackle trap, and in a quarter of an hour were at the house of our confidential friend, the sergeant.

‘A clue, Mr Holmes? What is it?’

‘It all depends upon the behaviour of Dr Watson’s revolver,’ said my friend.


Illustration by Sidney Paget for The Strand Magazine (September, 1891)

October 5, 1889: Mary Sutherland advertised for the missing Hosmer Angel. [IDEN]

I held the little printed slip to the light. ‘Missing,’ it said, ‘on the morning of the 14th, a gentleman named Hosmer Angel. About 5 ft 7 in in height; strongly built, sallow complexion, black hair, a little bald in the centre, bushy, black side whiskers and moustache; tinted glasses, slight infirmity of speech. Was dressed, when last seen, in black frock-coat faced with silk, black waistcoat, gold Albert chain, and grey Harris tweed trousers, with brown gaiters over elastic-sided boots. Known to have been employed in an office in Leadenhall Street. Anybody bringing, etc., etc.’

October 5, 1901: Holmes used Watson’s revolver to solve the problem of Thor Bridge. [THOR]

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  1. There is a YouTube video…Myth Buster’s.. where Steven Doyle & Company reenact this very scene. They also did one about how the engineer came to lose his thumb- very clever.

  2. A limerick for the only story so named The Problem in the Canon. The limerick was composed by a good friend of mine who is gone His name was Don Dillistone, A Hound of the Internet.

    The Problem of the Thor Bridge

    Maria might well have decried
    At the way she was vilified.
    So she sought vengeance
    For Grace’s presence
    Through murder via suicide.

    – Don Dillistone, November, 2002

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