On October 3rd…

October 3, 1901: Neil Gibson wrote Holmes a letter. [THOR]

October 3rd.

I can’t see the best woman God ever made go to her death without doing all that is possible to save her. I can’t explain things—I can’t even try to explain them, but I know beyond all doubt that Miss Dunbar is innocent. You know the facts—who doesn’t? It has been the gossip of the country. And never a voice raised for her! It’s the damned injustice of it all that makes me crazy. That woman has a heart that wouldn’t let her kill a fly. Well, I’ll come at eleven to-morrow and see if you can get some ray of light in the dark. Maybe I have a clue and don’t know it. Anyhow, all I know and all I have and all I am are for your use if only you can save her. If ever in your life you showed your powers, put them now into this case.
Yours faithfully,

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  1. What a picture of Gibson,Thanks Selena.
    Here is a limerick for THOR.THOR

    Thor Bridge

    Maria might well have decried
    At the way she was vilified.
    So she sought vengeance
    For Grace’s presence
    Through murder via suicide.

    – Don Dillistone, November, 2002
    From a Hound of the internet, a close friend of mine who I still miss terribly every day, Chips

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