On May 1st…

Illustration by George Hutchinson for Ward Lock Bowden (1896)

May 1, 1847: Lucy Ferrier’s mother died. [STUD]

“How is it now?” he answered anxiously, for she was still rubbing the towsy golden curls which covered the back of her head.
“Kiss it and make it well,” she said, with perfect gravity, showing the injured part to him. “That’s what mother used to do. Where’s mother?”
“Mother’s gone. I guess you’ll see her before long.”
“Gone, eh!” said the little girl. “Funny, she didn’t say goodbye; she ‘most always did if she was just goin’ over to auntie’s for tea, and now she’s been away three days. […]”

May 1, 1900: Lord Saltire enrolled in the Priory School [PRIO]

“Holdernesse Hall” (Chatsworth House, Derbyshire)

I must inform you, gentlemen, that the Priory is a preparatory school, of iwhich I am the founder and principal. Huxtable’s Sidelights on Horace may possibly recall my name to your memories. The Priory is, without exception, the best and most select preparatory school in England. Lord Leverstoke, the Earl of Blackwater, Sir Cathcart Soames – they all have entrusted their sons to me. But I felt that my school had reached its zenith when, three weeks ago, the Duke of Holdernesse sent Mr. James Wilder, his secretary, with the intimation that young Lord Saltire, ten years old, his only son and heir, was about to be committed to my charge. Little did I think that this would be the prelude to the most crushing misfortune of my life.

Date provided by the volume A Day-by-Day Chronology of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, according to Zeisler and Christ, compiled and edited by William S Dorn.

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