On March 23rd…

March 23, 1889

For today, “Chips” shares two favorite moments from “A Scandal in Bohemia” that show Dr Watson’s taste for adventure and loyalty to Holmes.

Illustration by Sidney Paget for The Strand Magazine (July 1891)

First, a bit of Canonical conversation:

“By the way, Doctor, I shall want your co-operation.”
“I shall be delighted.”
“You don’t mind breaking the law?”
“Not in the least.”
“Nor running a chance of arrest?”
“Not in a good cause.”
“Oh, the cause is excellent!”
“Then I am your man.”
“I was sure that I might rely on you.”

Second, the moment when Irene Adler determines whom she has been fooled by and cannot let the moment go without passing her compliments along to him.

Illustration by Sidney Paget for The Strand Magazine (July 1891)

We had reached Baker Street, and had stopped at the door. He was searching his pockets for the key, when someone passing said: –
“Good night, Mister Sherlock Holmes.”
There were several people on the pavement at the time, but the greeting appeared to come from a slim youth in an ulster who had hurried by.
“I’ve heard that voice before.” said Holmes, staring down the dimly lit street. “Now, I wonder who the deuce that could have been.”

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  1. Yes, Chips,
    I am so heart-warmed by the dialog you mentioned in this post. Watson is indeed “Sherlock’s man” and definitely ours too. Cheers, Daisy

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