On June 14th…

June 14, 1889: Hall Pycroft finished marking off all of the hardware sellers in Paris. [STOC]
(Source: A Day by Day Chronology of Mr. Sherlock Holmes According to Zeisler and Christ, compiled by William S Dorn, BSI)

Illustration by WH Hyde for Harper’s Weekly (1893)

“I went back to the hotel with the big book under my arm, and with very conflicting feelings in my breast. On the one hand I was definitely engaged, and had a hundred pounds in my pocket. On the other, the look of the offices, the absence of name on the wall, and other of the points which would strike a business man had left a bad impression as to the position of my employers. However, come what might, I had my money, so I settled down to my task. All Sunday I was kept hard at work, and yet by Monday I had only got as far as H. I went round to my employer, found him in the same dismantled kind of room, and was told to keep at it until Wednesday, and then come again. On Wednesday it was still unfinished, so I hammered away until Friday – that is, yesterday. Then I brought it round to Mr. Harry Pinner.
“‘Thank you very much,’ said he. ‘I fear that I underrated the difficulty of the task. This list will be of very material assistance to me.’
“‘It took some time,’ said I.
“‘And now,’ said he, `I want you to make a list of the furniture shops, for they all sell crockery.’

More busy work to keep Pycroft out of the way? More time to impersonate Pycroft and pull off the robbery? –Chips


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