On “Becoming” Holmes or Watson

To All:

     When I first read Sherlock Holmes, I was amazed at the stories and how Holmes solved the cases. The more stories I read, the more my outlook changed. Instead of trying to solve the case, I simply enjoyed being along with Holmes as he solved the case.

     When reading, I was going here and there with Holmes and realized I had become Doctor Watson.  Through the beauty of his prose and the style of the writing, I was changed into the Doctor and transported back to 1895.

I recently read a phrase in a paper I would like to share with you. It rang true and I hope you enjoy it too.

“May I submit to you that if you will apply rational reasoning and thought to the matter, you will (may) find that your deep and abiding love for the Sherlock Holmes tales is because of Watson and not because of Holmes.

The Defense Rests.
          -Respectfully, Baynes. aka Jody Baker

     I thank “Buttons” for his advice for my column as well as for the kind words he wrote about me in our latest newsletter.  I thank our Editor, “Sandy,” for helping me make my articles for our journal better.

Ron Lies “Chips”