On August 8th…

To my loyal readers,

I am trying something in the August dates.
Where I can, I am adding a tid bit of Sherlockian interest.
Let me know what you think of it!

Ron aka “Chips”

“And to this day we read of them / their ventures have no end.”
by Kredens, Diane.
“The Ballad of Sherlock Holmes,” BSP, No. 30 (December 1967), 1.

2 Replies to “On August 8th…”

  1. Many thanks to Chips for those timely reminders of what happened on which date.

    You’re performing a wonderful and much-appreciated service for us all.

  2. Rosie, Thanks for your kind words. I am doing what for me is a labor of love. I passing on material that was gathered by the true Sheockian-Watsonion scholars who did the hard work.


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