On April 20th…

Mastiff picture by Philip Reinagle, engraved by John Scott (1894)

April 20, 1890: Carlo the mastiff was last fed. [COPP]

“Better close the front door,” cried Holmes, and we all rushed down the stairs together. We had hardly reached the hall when we heard the baying of a hound, and then a scream of agony, with a horrible worrying sound which it was dreadful to listen to. An elderly man with a red face and shaking limbs came staggering out at a side-door.

“My God!” he cried. “Someone has loosed the dog. It’s not been fed for two days. Quick, quick, or it’ll be too late!”

Date provided by A Day-by-Day Chronology of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, according to Zeisler and Christ, compiled and edited by William S Dorn.

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  1. Cool picture of Carlo.It more exemplifies the reading form the Canon then what I had. Thanks Selena, From Chips

      1. agreed. That is too goods of picture not to use. It shows just neglected and lonely Carlo was with the cruel Rucastle’s. I only regret is that they did not put Rucastle down instead of Carlo.

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