Okay! Let’s Get Tough in Preparation for the Treasure Hunt coming in 16 Days!

Here is an example of what you will have to research in the Treasure Hunt (except there will be 100 of these and they will not be as easy as this one).

  1. Find “main-truck” and count forward 37 words. What is the word?
  2. In the preceding story, name the other Canonical story referred to by Holmes.
  3. In that referred to story, find the “glint” and proceed to the 32nd paragraph following. What is the object there?

7 Replies to “Okay! Let’s Get Tough in Preparation for the Treasure Hunt coming in 16 Days!”

      1. You’re going to LOVE the Treasure Hunt! Let’s hope there are 60 others who will participate, too.

  1. C’mon, Ruby! Pippin! Roxy! Everyone! The stories aren’t named, there’s still a puzzle to be solved here!

    1. Now I feel bad that my friend and I didn’t write any of this down when we did it, because we figured it was solved. I went back through, and:
      1. My book says Mereer. My friend’s book said something else. I think this guy has a lot of names. GLOR
      2. STOC, refers SIGN
      3. There are actually multiple mentions of the word glint. So by my count the object could be a dead man, a water-barrel, anything on the river, or jewels and pearls. ‘A water-barrel’ is the most likely, given that it’s the only thing in that paragraph, but it’s good to be thorough.

  2. I’ve been wondering about this since I saw the sample question that included counting words and paragraphs: with so many different editions, which edition is the ‘official’ one for use to complete the treasure hunt?

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