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The Sonnet came from a pamphlet titled A Lauriston Garden Of Verses, six Sherlockian sonnets and a ballad by Helene Yuhasova and published by the Pamphlet House, Summit, New Jersey; 1946. Helene Yuhasova is a pen name for the great Sherlockian scholar, Vincent Starrett.Thanks to Ron Lies, “Chips” for this delightful remembrance of the legendary Mr Starrett.

An addendum from commenter Marci in April 2015: Helene Yuhasova is the pen name of my Auntie Helene, who is the author, not Vincent Starrett.

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      Hello Marci!

      Please contact Beth and I (our e-mail contact is linked on the right side of the main page). We would love to learn more about your Aunt Helene Yuhasova and share it with everyone on the main page so that the John H Watson Society can know more about her and the wonderful work she did.

      For now, I’ve added an addendum to the post above.

      Ariana “Carla Buttons”

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