Next Meeting: The Heirs of John H. Watson

We’re just a couple of weeks out from our next Zoom meeting of the John H. Watson Society, and what do we have planned? Well, there was a suggestion of Watson and sports, following a certain Olympic-minded ACD thread, but a more intriguing possibility came up: The potential or non-existent offspring of the good doctor!

So on Saturday, August 28, the Watsonians will gather at the usual time and open our minds to the possibilities with a 15-20 minute radio play entitled “The Will of Watson.” Following that, we shall discuss any and all potential threads of the Watson line. Whether it’s one wife or six, a wounded reproductive system or a healthy one, John H. Watson was surely survived by someone, and it’s time we figured out who.

If you would like to take a role in our little radio play, send off a note to . (Did I mention that it will most likely be recorded for The Watsonian Weekly, the closest thing we have to radio at present? It will be.)

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  1. Might we know when we will know the proposed time of the meeting, the proposed duration of the meeting, and the URL to join the meeting? — Roxie

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