New Website Platform Soon

The Society is moving to a new website platform/operating system soon.  Our Webmistress, Beth Gallego “Selena” has been working for several months to convert over our entire website history and every post ever made. This has been a HUGE project for “Selena” and one the Society is truly indebted to Beth for doing, and doing so well.

For the next few days, Buttons will play with and experiment on the new system in order to learn its ins and outs.  Next week sometime, we expect to “flip the switch” and “Selena” will turn on the new site.  You will also have to experiment a bit–click here, click there, click everywhere–and discover what new features exist.

Thank you, “Selena” . . . Thank you Beth Gallego.  As you may remember, Beth is a librarian in Burbank, California and is involved with Sherlockian groups and other Sherlockian librarians.  She will be attending 221B Con in April and, hopefully, participating in discussions of the Society.

More on this topic later.