New From JHWS Members Dan Andriacco and Kieran McMullen


Our members, Dan Andriacco “Dutch” and Kieran McMullen “Raleigh,” have written another great book.

Available from Amazon and from MX Publishing   $12


It’s a fast-paced and immersive read, barely allowing the reader to take a breath from page to page. But it’s also a remarkable and masterful undertaking – suggestive of something new and fresh, while remaining true to the source that shaped it.
Better Holmes and Gardens

Above all, the novel is enjoyable. It’s a quick read that can be digested in a few sittings, and the ending leaves the reader hoping for more. Andriacco and McMullen have done a masterful job of blending history, fiction, and Sherlock Holmes in a way that entices and delights.
Girl Meets Sherlock

In contrast to most tales involving Holmes, The Amateur Executioner takes us into an ambiguous and murky world where right and wrong aren’t always distinguishable. I look forward to reading more about Enoch Hale.
-The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

In telling the story, the authors have done a masterful job in melding actual historic figures with famous fictional characters.
Kings River Life Magazine

The blending of real characters, real history with fictional characters and fictional history is very well accomplished and at no time does the insertion of these ‘guest stars’ overshadow the very well thought out and exciting plot. There may not be  a major part for Holmes to play, but his ‘fingerprints’ are all over the plot and you do gain the impression that this novel could only have been written by a Holmesian, or in this case, two Holmesians. It is a very enjoyable read, fast paced and undoubtedly fun. You see, collaborations can work. And work well.
David Ruffle