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We have no Canonical events for July 4-8, so Chips shares a pair of limericks describing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and hopes you enjoy them.

Sherlock Holmes
by William S Dorn BSI, DWNP

Sherlock Holmes was the great master sleuth,
For he always discovered the truth,
He assisted the poor
Using logic quite sure,
And he never did did one thing uncouth.

John H Watson
by William S Dorn BSI, DWNP

Watson wrote all those wonderful tales,
Beside which every other tale pales,
What more can we say,
Than up to this day,
Each attempt to improve on them fails.

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    Brad "Calder" Keefauver

    Limericks always just make me want to play too, because they’re so fun to spontaneously spout!

    When asked if he married a lot,
    John Watson was put on the spot.
    He wouldn’t say “Mary”
    But may have said “nary”
    And then mumbled something “… Escott.”

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      Thanks Brad for the limerick. Inow havea folder for you and any other limericks you care to share formy limericks collection known as Limerick Corner

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    With apologies to Ogden Nash, who did this first and better:

    If you want a Sherlockian lim’rick
    And find it’s a difficult trick,
    Just go, for a time,
    With the easiest rhyme,
    But when you go for the rhythm, well, that’s where you’re likely to find it a bit thick.

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    Brad "Calder" Keefauver

    When John Watson first took to Twitter,
    Sherlock was at first, of course, bitter.
    Ms. Norman-Neruda
    Changed his attitude — ah!
    By “liking” John’s Tweet on pipe litter.

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      Brad, Thank you for your second limerick. I am awe. I wish I could have thought to put that thought in writing. Ron

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    Brad "Calder" Keefauver

    I had forgotten how much I love limericks, so I have decided to try writing a Sherlockian limerick a day for a year, having started on July 4th, just for fun. The problem, however, is that by my July 6th limerick, I couldn’t resist the challenge of writing a limerick about Thorneycroft Huxtable. Now I find myself with a limerick that cannot be posted in any family-friendly forum.

    Ah, limericks.

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      Brad, Would you like to exchange limericks,one a day or as we have time from you to me and me to you. We could post them here or just between us if the subjects delicate. I have to warn you, my limericks will be copies of other peoples work I have collected over the years. I just do not have the kind of mind to write limericks. I do have the kind of mind to appreciate them.I used to publish limericks on this site a couple of years ago. Any way, what do you think ? Chips aka Ron

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    Ok, now my curiousity is…ahem…aroused by this indelicate limerick concerning the esteemed Thorneycroft Huxtable, letters, letters, etc.

    Share by DM perhaps? 🙂

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    Brad "Calder" Keefauver

    Well, it’s a decent idea, Ron, but writing one a day and letting anyone see the results at that pace are two very different things. Plus the results of reading that many by other hands might affect the process, so I’m going to decline your kind offer for this go-round.

    And we’ll see if that Huxtable rhyme can get worked into something passable, not just by obscenity standards, but by “somehow makes better sense” standards as well for release into the wild.

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