Let’s get that pack of bull pups together again!

After our successful first attempt at an actual meeting of Watsonians, you know we have to do it again. Sure, you can attend Zoom meetings for every Sherlock Holmes society on Earth lately, but where else will you find a John H. Watson society gathering?

Saturday, July 11 at at 9 AM PDT, 10 AM MDT, 11AM CDT, 12 Noon EDT, 5 PM BST, 6 PM CEST, etc. — we try to catch as much of the world as we can in our Watsonian net, and like last time, just send an RSVP e-mail to podcast@johnhwatsonsociety.com for your Zoom invitation.

And you say you can’t wait until July? Well, if you want to hear some Watsonian voices before then, be sure to listen to the latest Watsonian Weekly podcast, which you can find at https://watsonianweekly.libsyn.com/june-23-2020-watson-or-not-take-a-bull-pup-to-work or on Apple Podcasts where it can drop into you iPhone automatically every week.

The Watsonian Weekly is always looking for fresh voices, by the way, and if you don’t think you can be on a podcast, well, it’s a lot easier than you think. Drop us a line at podcast@johnhwatsonsociety.com.

Before you know it, you, too will be saying . . .

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  1. I want to add my recording of my god its Watson! How dI do it? Also in the Bert Coules BBC radio play A Study in Scarlett Watson gives his bull pup to Stanford because Stanford likes dogs and the bull pup keeps hanging around Holmes ankles. Ron aka Chips

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