Le Guide du Film Sherlock Holmes by Thierry Saint-Joanis

The Society has received a copy of the astounding new publication detailing the research accomplished by our esteemed Member and Leader of Societe Sherlock Holmes de France, Thierry Saint-Joanis “Tristan” with the collaboration of Society Member Alexis Barquin “Olivier,” Bernard Oudin, and Stephen Almaseanu, and with thanks to la Cinematique Francaise.

Essanay film

The large-format, 66 page publication provides in-depth articles, reviews, original documents, profiles and a plethora of photos of the various actors, clips, sets, and a wealth of additional information on the recently discovered 1916 film originally made by Essanay and starring the incomparable William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes and Edward Fielding as Dr Watson. One must believe that reading the book may just be more enjoyable than watching the movie; it truly is that good.

As this film was only recently discovered, the publication is absolutely masterful for its scope and coverage, as well as detailed documentation of the film, in so short a period of time. Our French colleagues have demonstrated their remarkable scholarship as well as publishing skills with this magnificent book.

The Society extends its admiration and congratulations to Societe Sherlock Holmes de France, and to Thierry Saint-Joanis, Alexis Barquin, and their associates for producing this seminal work on this milestone film in the Sherlocian milieu.

Requests for information on obtaining a copy may be sent to:  http://www.sshf.com/boutique.php

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