Kindly whisper “Norbury” in my ear…and the first TH6 warm up game

Hi Watsonians–

I recently posted the first warm up game for the upcoming Treasure Hunt; however, today I realized I posted my first draft rather than the finished one.  Egad!

If you are interested in playing the first game, please find the finished questions below.  Please send answers to by July 13–I am extending the date due to my error.

Your blushing Treasure Hunt Less-than-Master,

Margie/ JHWS ‘Mopsy’

1. Find the exciting professional expert who generated considerable interest in his work. Who?

2. With Holmes’s questioning description of [ the answer to number one] in mind, find the ahead-of-Watson smart boy who went to college. Who?

3. Consider [the answers to numbers one and two], and then find the friend who fails to make eye contact, and, therefore, fails his fiancee. Who?


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