Just a Quick Observation

Buttons wanted to observe:

The recent earthquake was “Situation Room Breaking News” for six hours; a disaster for reporting for one day; an afterthought on clean up and damage estimates for one day; and GONE by the third day.

This is the biggest earthquake to hit the US since 1989, and it did about $4 billion in damage, injured a score of people, and destroyed about 10% of the California wine inventory.

How quickly we forget what takes place this week. But, how long we remember and tell over and over all of the adventures of Holmes and Watson.  Buttons LIKES 1895! Please Mr. Verne, get me out of 2014!

One Reply to “Just a Quick Observation”

  1. If you get Mr. Verne sorted you must promise to take me along! (In all seriousness, sadly enough, the events in California were immediately swallowed in the never ending onslaught of news of horrific events from all over the globe. It is very difficult sometimes to get a sense of anything unless you are standing in the middle of it.)

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