John H Watson,  JHWS “Teddy” Welcomed into Charter Membership

As Mr Ripley was wont to say . . . “Believe it or not . . .” we extend a warm welcome to the Society to John H Watson of Columbus, Georgia. He writes:

“My name is actually John H. Watson. I am often referred to as Johnny
Watson, due to my uncle, who is still living, is also named John H. Watson. I am
a semi-retired photographer, doing almost exclusively art shows. My website is”

Can it be possible that we will–after all these years–have a direct source to the font of revealed truth for answers to such questions as  . . . “Wounded in the arm or leg?” . . . . “Why Jack?” . . . and “How many times have you been married?”

We will offer more on John H Watson’s Sherlockian history and biography when he sends it along to the Society. Until then (and this seems really strange) we welcome you with the immortal words you have heard once before:

“You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”