JHWS Treasure Hunt 2023 is coming!

Every August first, Watson’s finest fans embark upon a quest for the treasures hidden within our favorite chronicler’s written records. Both teams and individuals race for glory and achievement in completing the greatest Watsonian challenge of the year, with an entire month to wrack their brains over the test put before them, this year concocted by that devious defender of the Canonically indefensible, Rich Krisciunas.

Rich has promised us a grand challenge this year, with topics ranging from “The Hired Help” to “Time for Bed” (which we hope didn’t cross paths in Watsons life!). Science, medicine, walking sticks, hotels . . . you just don’t know what he’ll come up with. Perhaps even a murderous cipher to be vexin’ a Texan!

Our Treasure Hunt master has provided us with some same questions to whet our whistles as we wait for that Tuesday in August that the big knowledge race starts. See what you can do with the following:

1. What object did Watson see on top of a bookcase?

2. Who besides the King of Bohemia had the chest and limbs of a Hercules?

3. A store selling maps had the same name as a man arrested by Watson. 

4. What was the make of the car driven by Watson?

5. He taught him how to convert stolen property into money.

Have some ideas? The answers will come, but c’mon! You’ve got this! See what your friends think, assemble your team for the Hunt, and plan to start that mental engine racing in just a few short weeks!