It is almost that time again – 4th Annual Treasure Hunt is coming up!

Hello Watsonians:

With less than 90 days until the August 1 kick-off, teams are gearing up for the 4th Annual John H. Watson Society Canonical Treasure Hunt. We invite you to join in the fun!

As you know, last year teams from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy and France earned honors in the competition, along with three amazing individual competitors who braved the difficulty alone. These quiz masters have set a high-bar for this year’s competition.  Are you up to the challenge?

In keeping with JHWS tradition, this 4th Treasure Hunt will be a difficult 100-question quiz designed to challenge your knowledge of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, and their greater world.  Individual competitors and teams (up to five members) are invited to compete. The competition is open from August 1 through September 1, 2016. As always, the first participant(s) in each category to submit the most correct answers will receive a small, unique and distinctive award from the JHWS. Enjoyment of international bragging rights is a plus and encouraged. 

A list of the rules for the competition, along with a list of recommended resources for competitors, can be found on the treasure hunt page. Please send any questions about the treasure hunt to me at I will respond to your questions as quickly as possible. As our Buttons, Don Libey, said: “The goal of the Treasure Hunt is to bring together Watsonians, Sherlockians, and Holmesians on a global, collegial basis to further the scholarship and enjoyment of our mutual interest in all things 1895.”

Please share the word about the 2016 Treasure Hunt. Participation grows each year—we look forward to 2016 being our biggest year yet.

Margie Deck

8 Replies to “It is almost that time again – 4th Annual Treasure Hunt is coming up!”

  1. My apologies for the oddly colored text. Apparently I did something incorrectly. *Egad* Hopefully the wise SelenaButtons will advise me as to how to prevent this error in the future.

  2. Hi Gerry: So glad to hear you are coming back. I’ve heard that our team from ‘Down In Illinois’ is coming back with the addition of our SelenaButtons. I’ve also heard the Sound of the Baskervilles are coming back with last year’s team member Lauren Messenger at the helm, along with some new team mates. Long-time SOB competitor Sheila Holtgrieve (JHWS ‘Daisy’) is not on the SOB team this year as she is serving as my counselor and muse in the writing process. Her critical eye and thoughtful discourse have been very helpful. I think you will like the way this year’s edition is crafted. Fingers crossed!
    Hi SelenaB: thanks for fixing my posting goof. You’re the best.


  3. Oh my God, is it August already? *yawns*
    Just kidding, the ATH was a great fun these last two years, though it was also a big effort. Time to alert my teammates…

  4. Hey ‘Reggie’: Hopefully this edition of the hunt won’t leave you yawning–I want it to be fun and challenging. I have to go out on a strong note, because, as you know: you are Treasure Hunt Master for 2017! 🙂

    1. Do Is there a team who is looking for a member who would do his best to make the team a winner and have as much fun out of it as he can? In Denver there are no takers to my offer but I would love to work with a team?
      Thanks, Chips aka Ron

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