‘I’m glad you liked my potato.’ Contest results & silliness for a good cause

Hi Watsonians–

As it is now March 1, February has come and gone, and it is time for the final tally of the ‘I’m glad you liked my potato.’ contest between Beth (JHWS ‘SelenaButtons’) and myself.  As expected, Beth has won handily, 8-3.  She was able to process renewals for eight society members during February, and I collected three interviews for the Friend & Biographer series.  I will not be eating any potatoes in March, as I intend to honor the bet. [I see cauliflower and leeks in my future.]

Thanks for your patience with all this silliness; we had some fun with it while bringing attention to the need for Watsonians to renew their memberships.  The Friend & Biographer series is an enjoyable extra but only memberships make the society, this website, and our journal possible.

If your membership is expired, or will lapse during 2017, please consider renewing now in the shop. If you are unsure about your expiration date, it can be easily found on the membership tab. If you have questions about renewing, please email “Selena Buttons”.

I hope to continue the Friend & Biographer series.  I am reaching out to society members by email to participate. If you are interested, please feel free to answer these questions, and email them to me.


Margie/ JHWS Mopsy



2 Replies to “‘I’m glad you liked my potato.’ Contest results & silliness for a good cause”

  1. Congratulations, Selena Buttons and congrats to all who renewed their membership.
    Pfui (as Nero Wolfe says) about Mopsy, however, but here’s the silver lining–can I eat all your potatoes?? French fried, baked, mashed, oven browned, in with veggies, etc. etc.?
    Cheers, Daisy

  2. Daisy: You know what is mine is yours.

    (Well…except for that ‘Old Monk’ poetry book I sorta borrowed from you and never returned. I’m keeping that.)

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