“If the cycle of nine days holds good” [CREE]

Prepare your thinking cap and get out your favorite Sherlockian reference books. Nine days from today, we will begin the Sixth Annual John H Watson Society Treasure Hunt.

Our “Mopsy” has designed this year’s Hunt as a special edition of 50 questions, the answers to all of which form a chain from one to the next.

Several teams have already let our Treasure Hunt Master know they’ll be competing, but individuals and teams around the world are welcome to jump in any time during the month of August!

‘It is so long a chain, and yet every link rings true.’

6 Replies to ““If the cycle of nine days holds good” [CREE]”

  1. Selena, What is the name of our team this year? I know Rob is way too overworked with his groups Holmes in the Heartland. So Any new members? I know we will have a great time,Chips

        1. So Selena, Our team “An Experience of the Canon is You, Paul and I ? Thanks, Ron aka Chips

  2. We shall be there with the main USIH team, and I hear that the second USIH (all-female) team is getting ready, too.

  3. So many good teams this year! With a second team from USIH in the works our number of committed teams is up to EIGHT.

    I’m so excited. I hope you all have some fun with the hunt.

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