Hearing voices? It’s okay!

The Watsonian Weekly hit the podcast airwaves last week, as the John H. Watson Society added one more medium to its societal output. Its first week was a bit of a “soft” opening, just to make sure it was working, but this week, with episode two, the secret’s out!

So just what is the Watsonian Weekly? Well, as the name says, it’s Watsonian and it’s weekly. Beyond that? We’re starting with an audio magazine format of news and features, put together every Sunday night for your Monday morning listening pleasure. The format gives us a great flexibility of content so we can make sure and get something out every single week, and try to fill a half hour of content to start your week.

As time passes, however, you can expect special episodes when a number of Watsonians gather at some weekend function like the Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium, interviews that the other podcasts may not have gotten to, or . . . who knows? It’s a very flexible medium, and Watsonians have a wide range of ideas.

In fact, we’re already welcoming Watsonians to try their hand at becoming featured voices on the podcast. Have some basic device like an iPhone with a voice memo feature that will e-mail a minute or two of talk? Have an idea that might fill as little as a minute? Or just want to send in a written note or question to add to our weekly content? The e-mail address “podcast@johnhwatsonsociety.com” should reach us.

Good podcasts grow and evolve with the community they serve, and the John H. Watson Society has done quite a bit already in its six years of existence. Now we have one more outlet to celebrate John H. Watson, and share our love of him just a little more. Join us, won’t you?

You can find the Watsonian Weekly at http://watsonianweekly.libsyn.com/ and coming soon to iTunes.

Brad Keefauver
Podcast anchor and editor, as well as JHWS “Calder”

4 Replies to “Hearing voices? It’s okay!”

  1. I’m delighted that the JHWS is moving into new venues for getting out the word about Watson! Our beloved Society already has a print publication second to none in the Holmesian universe, and I have no doubt that our Podcast will be equally informative and successful.

    James McArthur ‘Max’

  2. Perhaps one episode of the Podcast could discuss Dr Watson’s activities in retirement?

  3. How to I sign up to receive these podcasts. I am already a member of JHWS.I am Chips by member name.. Thanks,Ron in Denver

  4. The two ways I use to listen to the Watsonian Weekly are either by going to this link http://watsonianweekly.libsyn.com/website every Monday, or searching for “The Watsonian Weekly” in the podcast app on my iPhone and subscribing there. Those more RSS-feed savvy than I have other ways, podcatchers and the like, but like I said, they’re more savvy on that than I. No membership in the JHWS required!

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