Friend & Biographer Series: A Baker Street Dozen, A Hiatus, A Hunt

Speaking of my old friend and biographer, I would take this opportunity to remark….Watson has some remarkable characteristics of his own, to which in his modesty he has given small attention…

Hello Watsonians,

Over the past few months, I have posted interviews with a dozen of our members: Stuart Nelan, Robert Perret, Carla Coupe, Ron Lies, Charles Prepolec, Elise Eliot, Chris Redmund, Sheila Holtgrieve, Molly Carr, Sandy Kozinn, Stephanie Thomas and Beth Gallego as part of the Friend & Biographer series.  I hope you have enjoyed learning a little something about these Watsonian friends.  I have  enjoyed bringing the interviews to you.

With the 5th Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt rapidly approaching on August 1, I am taking a hiatus from the Friend & Biographer Series to focus on the Treasure Hunt.  From what I hear, Michele Lopez is working on an extraordinary hunt for us.  I hope my team, The Sound of the Baskervilles, will rise to the challenge.

If you have not formed a team for this year, please consider doing so.  The SOBs will be happy to trounce you…um, I mean….we would be happy to compete along with you.   😉

On we go,

Margie/ JHWS ‘Mopsy’


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  1. I confirm that the Hunt is almost ready. I hope it will be challenging, but ultimately solvable. More information in the next days.

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