Fall 2015 Publications

Fall BooksI am very happy and relieved to announce that your Fall volumes of The Watsonian and The Fiction Series are traveling to your mailbox as we speak.

I sincerely apologize for the delay. I will speak with our printer/distributor to find how best to move the books out faster. If you do not receive your copy of the above volumes in two weeks, then please contact me so that I may help sort out the matter for you.

I hope you will enjoy them!

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  1. I’ve been far too busy reading the two volumes to comment on them. My stack of end-of-the-month magazines and TBR pile lie unattended while I savor the new Watsonian volumes.

    Thanks for getting them out, and advice to others: read soon; your time will be well spent.

  2. I could come up with a boatload of adjectives to describe the latest volume—splendiferous, magnificent, awesome, and tour de force come to mind. But the monosyllabic “WOW” leads the pack! Not only is this an impressively hefty volume, but it looks so darned professional! It could be retailed at Barnes & Noble and stand proudly with the other journals! The articles look very scholarly and diversified

    Congratulations to the editor, proofreaders, and contributors! We are flying high with The Watsonian.

    On a retail note. Please tell all your Sherlockian friends that copies of The Watsonian will be available for perusal and purchase at Al Gregory’s vendor’s table in the Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday January 17, 2016. Greg Ruby has graciously consented to handle the sales there.
    Happy Holidays to one and all!
    Al Gregory “Darwin”

  3. Thanks to Darwin for his kind comments, and generous support of the JHWS. Can we hope for another of his always insightful and witty articles for the April issue?


  4. Bob,
    You may not only hope for another contribution, you will get TWO! Jim had to cut my article from October due to space limitations. As I had already submitted one for April, now both of them will appear there Jim tells me. Two very different articles on two very different subjects.

    1. Our Spring ’16 Watsonian will be a bit of a double “Darwin” Special. I’ve had the pleasure of reading your October article, Al, and it is already prepared to be printed in the spring volume. Watsonians are in for a treat! ^_^

  5. My copy arrived on Saturday, and a good chunk of Sunday was spent reading the new issue. This is a terrific collection, with contributions that match anything, anywhere. Congratulations to everyone involved, including the brilliant production team and the authors. The Watsonian seems to leap from success to success!

  6. They arrived yesterday. There is a simple beauty to the covers.

    I thank the authors who contributed their time and talent to write the articles. They will provide many pleasant hours of reading and reflection. I thank the editorial and publishing staff for shepherding them through the process.

    Thank you to everyone who keeps The John H. Watson Society going.
    Ken Siarkiewicz

  7. Arrived yesterday. In the mailbox together with my winter issue of The Sherlock Holmes Journal. Definitely a good Holmesian/Watsonian day!

  8. Finally I had a quiet afternoon yesterday and I read almost all the new number of The Watsonian. Great stuff as usual. I liked especially the articles with a WWI theme and the piece of fiction from our “Misty”. But the whole journal is another great piece of work. Thanks to all those whose good works keeps this magnificent journal going on.

    1. Now that you mention it, you’re right – there was a strong WWI theme, including Misty’s story. That was rather nice how it worked out that way.

      I’m very glad that you enjoyed reading it. ^_^

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