Email Disaster!

So many of our members inadvertently unsubscribed from the email sent today that the email service–MailChimp–has shut us down!  We cannot reinstate you if you unsubscribed. Now, we will have to switch to a new email service, re-enter all members, and that will take some time.  This only pertains to the member-wide emails we RARELY sent via Mail Chimp; normal individual emails from and to you via Buttons are not involved. So, in lieu of Society-wide emails for important topics, please visit this page REGULARLY!  Thanks!


5 Replies to “Email Disaster!”

  1. I saw the URL beneath the message that began with johnhwatsonsociety, but I did not observe until after I clicked it that the latter half of that URL said “unsubscribe.” I made an elementary mistake!

    1. The only link seemed to be to the website itself…then suddenly I was unsubscribed from Charter Member! I don’t want to be unsubscribed. I thought the link was in response to the “Please see The John H Watson Society website” as it said in the email. I hope I can get back onto the Charter Member email list!

  2. East to do! It is a basic flaw in the structure of the emails by MailChimp. Seems to lack logic and reason. We will be switching to another email service.

  3. Wondering if I ever WAS subscribed. I don’t recall getting an email from the Society; only personal emails when I’ve ordered things. Hmmm, good luck & be sure to let us know how to sign up for emails once the new system is online. Thank you.

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