Deadline for The Watsonian

Just as a remind to everyone (and myself!), the deadline for the October Fall issue of The Watsonian is July 15, which is this coming Wednesday.

CORRECTION: It seems that the deadline is August 1st, as originally set by our dear Buttons earlier this year. The website will be updated to reflect that change. Hopefully, this will give some of you more time and opportunity to submit your work for The Watsonian.

Submissions should be up-to-date Word documents and sent via email attachment to:

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  1. My Dear Buttons

    I am working on an article for The Watsonian that explores the role of John Watson in the BBC’s Sherlock and Joan Watson in CBS’s Elementary in comparison with the actual John H Watson MD in the Canon.

    It is unlikely to make the August 1st deadline as it is still at the “idea” stage. I just wanted to check that no-one else has or is about to write about the same topic before I take it further.

    I will otherwise aim for the Spring 2016 edition.


    1. Thank you for the message, Nigel. I am sorrowful to say that our Dear Buttons is no longer with us, as he had passed on March 15th. We do everything we can to carry on his legacy with the John H Watson Society.

      I think it sounds like a fascinating idea. I will relay this to our Editor-in-Chief, “Pippin.” He will have a clearer idea of what is coming up for The Watsonian and how that may meet his acceptance criteria.

      Best wishes,
      “Carla Buttons”

    1. I submitted the Watsonian for print four weeks ago and I’ve been checking in on the printers to find out their progress. When I contacted them yesterday, they responded, “The Watsonian journal and the Fiction book are off press and should be in the mail early next week.”

      So I’m hopeful that the volumes will be in the mail soon, but Pippin and I will need to discuss publishing dates to try to meet expectations better. This Fall volume was an experiment on how to reach Button’s level of quality, so I anticipated mistakes and delays. Now that I have a better understanding of where these issues occur, I want to be better prepared for our next volume.

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