Conveyances in the Canon

The Canon spans a time of change in travel. How many types of conveyances are there in the body of writing? We are looking for a list of specific names, i.e., “dog cart.”

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  1. Aeroplane to Wagonette. That’s how far the list of 34 different types of “vehicles” as the listing in “The Canonical Compendium” goes, and the list is printed in the index thereof.

    1. I do not have “The Canonical Compendium”; it is out of print and I do not own an e-reader. However, Baron Von Herling says in “His Last Bow”, “The heavens, too, may not be quite so peaceful if all that the good Zeppelin promises us comes true.” As Zeppelins were first commercially flown in 1910, I think they would count.

      1. If one wanted to quibble, one might point out that the Baron was referring to the person Zeppelin and not the airship.

      1. “Baron Von Herling, the Chief Secretary of the Legation, whose huge hundred-horse-power Benz car was blocking the country lane as it waited to carry its owner back to London.” Also in LAST. Zeppelin; quibble, true, but a reference the 1917 Strand reader would not miss.

    1. Again, the Compendium has them listed. There are too many to copy here, but 18 ships are mentioned by name, from the Alicia to the Sophy Anderson. There are even more listed by type or kind, from barge to yawl, 41 in all, for a total of 59 listings.

  2. Buttons is thinking he has to get a bit more original and find questions that cannot be found in an index or reference work.

    you pretty much nailed the answers though! Good work!

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