12 Replies to “Cocoa’s C’animals”

  1. Might it be Mr Sherman’s animal emporium in “The Sign of Four”? Or perhaps Ronder’s Circus in “The Veiled Lodger”? Or… is that perhaps a cormorant perched on top of “The Annotated Sherlock Holmes”? If so, that would also suggest “The Veiled Lodger”, with Watson’s cryptic mention of “the politician, the lighthouse and the trained cormorant”. (Yes, I know – I’m really clutching at straws here…)

  2. I thought the hot chocolate probably mattered. I know there is one story (PRIO, I think?) when Holmes gets Watson out of bed, telling him that hot chocolate waits for him in the other room. Hum…pondering.

    Fun game, btw. 🙂

  3. Important question: Does Cocoa have a ‘blind beetle’ in the collection somewhere? 🙂

  4. I do have a beetle. Hard to tell if it’s blind or not. Stuffed animals are not noted for their vision.

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