10 Replies to “Cocoa’s C’animals”

    1. Margie, Congratulations. I thought about that but passed on by it. A tip of my Deer Stalker to you, Chips

  1. Cocoa, I see in the picture a Alligator, An Eagle, 2 Fish, A dog’s head, A rabbit, A merry go round horse, and a donkey? Am I identifying correctly?

  2. Actually the animals are – an eagle, a vulture, two fish (one trout), a horse, a rabbit, a rat ( the grey head next to the eagle) and a spaniel (reddish dog between the fish and the rabbit). The odd looking green critter on top of the Canon is an eel.

  3. Cocoa, I love your quizzes. Keep posting. Are all those critters mentioned in the Shoscombe Old Place story? In what edition if you do not mind> I love to havethe most resources I can for quizzes.
    Thanks Chips

  4. Chips, thanks – glad you like them. Yes all those animals are mentioned in SHOS. I used Clarkson’s Compendium to verify the data. Best regards, Cocoa

  5. Yes, thank you for doing this. So much fun! And isn’t Clarkson’s book wonderful? I love that thing.

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