Chronological Considerations

In response to last week’s post about where “Chips” gets his information about chronology for the “On This Day” posts, twitter user @spacefall said:

I once made a rough chart of full & partial chronologies from 1932 – 2013. It looks like this:

Spacefall's chronology chart
Chart by Spacefall and used by permission – click to see full-size

— spacefall (@spacefall) May 12, 2016

This week, let’s talk about chronology. What are your favorite sources for establishing the chronology that is sometimes a bit muddled in the Good Doctor’s writing? Have you tried to write your own chronology of the stories? Why is Watson sometimes so clear about dates, other times very vague, and occasionally downright perplexing?

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  1. Hi SelenaB: I would never attempt a chronology myself I don’t think–I simply don’t have the patience. When I construct a puzzle, quiz, or simply an argument (’tis what we do, yes?), I always start with Brad’s chronology at Sherlock Peoria:(

    His concise summary of the chronology aspects of each story is remarkably helpful as a starting point to researching any part of the chronology. I find it very helpful that the table of contents includes a code to each story that immediately lets me know if the canon text specifies a day, week, month, season or year. Sometimes a quick look at that list tells me if my idea will work considering Watson’s exact words. If you haven’t used this resource, I encourage you to take a look.


    1. I love Brad’s site – there’s so much fantastic material there. I’ve looked at his chronology once or twice, but I admit that I tend not to dive too deeply into the chronological issues of the Canon. I thought that chart was pretty cool, though.

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